The Experts at Model Furniture Gallery Give Life to Your Dreams!

It starts with an idea, a concept or a vision.  Julie Baker, Professional Interior Decorator, then goes to work to breathe life into your dream! Model Furniture Gallery customers have the distinct luxury of being provided with the services of a skilled interior decorator each time they make a purchase.  From advice on how to artfully arrange artwork and pictures on a wall to distinct and complete decorating of an entire home – Julie and her team do it all!

When Lloyd contacted Julie, his dream was to have someone take his newly purchased house and transform it into a move-in ready home for him and his cherished companion.  The process began with thorough consultation and agreement with Lloyd and Ann regarding colors, styles, textures, functionality and budget. Julie and her team then went to work.  One of the first issues to tackle was to completely change the interior paint from an unwanted canary yellow to a much warmer tone.  This basic yet critical task, served well to compliment the new interior furnishings and accessories.

With freshly painted walls now providing the perfect palette, the interior decorating process went full speed ahead.

Decorating starts with a neutral color

Transforming a blank wall..

Into a work of art!


Elegant Furnishings the keep the Modern Theme Flowing throughout the Home!

Julie and her interior decorating team then selected the perfect furnishings for the modern design concept. The quality, value and modern style of the bedroom furniture from Progressive Furniture helped to keep the project within budget and provided this room with a current and cozy feel.

Welcome Home Lloyd & Ann!

Your Home Can Look Like a Model Too!

The combination of Julie’s interior decorating experience along with the clients’ desire for a modern style and move-in ready home, transformed a dull and uninteresting house into a beautiful and breathtaking home.  Furnishings were primarily selected from Ashley Furniture, Liberty Furniture, and Progressive Furniture.  Model Furniture Gallery is pleased to carry furniture lines from these and many other quality manufacturers.

Julie Baker is an Award-Winning Interior Decorator and Founder of Model Furniture Gallery in Orange City, Florida. Her favorite past time, besides riding her horse, is helping customers select the perfect furniture and accessories for their home or office. With a professional Interior Decorator on your side … your home or office can look like a model too!  Contact Julie Baker today for a FREE Consultation (386) 775-6406.

At Model Furniture Gallery, we don’t just specialize in beautiful furniture for any room.  We also happen to be owned by an Award Winning Interior Decorator, Julie!  Take a look at some of the recent work that she has done, and come in and talk with Julie about how she can help liven up your living spaces!

 October 16, 2011  (The News-Journal) Daytona Beach – Award winning Interior Decorator and Founder of Model Furniture Gallery, Julie Baker, is featured on the front page business section along side HGTV Television personality Carter Oosterhouse and Orlando “chef to the stars” Richard Rosada.

Sunday, October 16th, Daytona Beach News Journal Home Show Article.  The Daytona Beach News-Journal is hosting the 51st Annual Home Show at the brand new Ocean Center in Daytona Beach.  This years Home Show is bigger than ever with HGTV’s television personality Carter Oosterhouse as a featured speaker and Richard Rosado, Orlando’s “Chef to the Stars”.  Oh yes, and then there is our own Julie Baker right up there with the celebrities!  Julie is one of 3 Interior Decorators selected to compete in the “Daytona Beach Design Star Competition”, which is designed to test the Interior Decorators skills, creativity and resourcefulness, according to Jessica Fox, Event Marketing Manager for the News-Journal. (more…)

Three Interior Decorators were selected to participate in the 51st Annual Home Show “Daytona Design Star” competition. The competition was designed to test the skills, creativity and resourcefulness of the participants according to Jessica Fox, Marketing Manager for the News-Journal which is producing the Home Show.  Julie Baker took on the challenge with the same thoughtful consideration that she does with all her clients.  Who is the client, or in this case audience?  She thought the show would attract a more sophisticated, yet hip Beach Community so she choose to showcase a Modern Style living room that would appeal both the the man and woman of the house.  Bright modern red for an amazing WOW factor with the subtle earth tones of the natural bamboo floors, rich deep furniture accents by Ashley and the light and bright pop of a white rug.  It’s all inspired and brought together with the floral print chair and matching red sofa from Carlton.  She could have stopped there, and had a beautiful room … but attention to detail is Julie’s specialty.  She wanted to showcase effective techniques to really give the room a personal and custom look.  As an experienced and award winning interior decorator Julie knows that attention to detail makes a big difference.  So, she pulled together her best team and they went to work.  Grace Frank painted a stunning 6 canvas painting, inspired by the floral print chair to hang over the sofa.  Maria, her long-time window treatment specialist and sales agent made custom draperies that also integrates the floral fabric from the chair. Even her contractor Richard got into the action and laid the elegant bamboo floor, painted and created a window for added appeal.  They even made sure attendees felt right at home with a custom painted beach scene showing through the window.

It was truly an amazing few weeks pulling it all together.  It all began with Julie’s sketches and concept rooms … about 3 weeks earlier.  Running through all the details in her mind.  After the basic concept and selections for a modern style living room was made, it was time to start bringing all the pieces together and meeting with the team.  Julie started assembling the room about 2 weeks ago at her showroom, Model Furniture Gallery in Orange City, FL.  She commissioned the custom 6 canvas painting and window treatments.  Shopped high and low for table accessories and the little touches that give the room that finished look.  Then 4 days before it was time to move everything to the Ocean Center.  Luckily Julie has her own delivery crew that have been a trusted part of her staff at Model Furniture Gallery for years.  This day they we delivering the winning entry in the 51st Annual Daytona Home Show!  Now the room is complete, ready to be viewed and voted on by the public.  The whole experience has been such a joy and labor or love the Julie had decided to give away the room to a lucky attendee at the Home Show!  Come, stop by the Home Show this weekend, Oct 21-23rd, meet Julie and register to WIN her Room … and  be sure to cast your ballet in the Interior Design Star Competition! We look forward to meeting you there!

Julie Baker has definitely pulled out her “A” team for this event and is designing a Modern Living Room that is bold and elegant at the same time with custom accents. The flooring is natural bamboo. The Red Sofa and matching Floral Print Chair is by Carlton and accent pieces by Ashley. She has designed custom window treatments and even commissioned a 4 piece matching painting, inspired by the floral printed chair. Red, tan, black and white make this room feel natural, with bright accents. The color combinations is simply stunning and something you’ve got to see for yourself. Now here’s the best part … you can have a chance to WIN Julie’s room! Simply drop by the Home Show and see this gorgeous room for yourself. While you are at her booth you will be able to register to win the room! And, while you are at the show be sure to vote for Julie Baker’s room as “Best of Show”. Just look for Julie’s new Banners at the show and come meet Julie in person!

Come meet Award Winning Interior Decorator Julie Baker at the Daytona Beach News Journal’s 51st Annual Home Show, October 21-23, 2010 a the brand new Ocean Center.  Julie Baker is one of three area Interior Decorators featured at the event who will be displaying their decorating talents with a showcase room.  They are all competing for the “Best of Show” award.  Attendees get to vote on their favorite room as one of the many great activities of the show.  HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse will be the Guest Speaker and the Home Improvement Seminars scheduled for Saturday, Oct 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd at 2:00pm.  Attendees will be able to vote throughout the event up until noon on Sunday. Everybody who votes is also entered into a drawing to win a $300 Gift Certificate from Best Buy!  Votes will be tallied up on Sunday afternoon and the “Best of Show” Award will be presented by Carter Oosterhouse on Sunday at 3:00pm.  Entree is FREE to attendees. Show hours are 10am – 6pm Friday Oct 21 and Saturday, Oct 22nd.  Sunday, Oct 23rd from 10am – 4pm.



Bedroom Furniture Retreats for Boys and Girls


Fantasy bedroom for your Cinderella


For kids their bedroom is the center of their universe. It’s where they hang out, lounge with friends,  talk on the phone, play games and even do homework. If you are considering creating the perfect space for your young child or teenager, be sure to check out some of the manufacturers who specialize in youth furniture.

Model Furniture Gallery offers several name brands for kids and youth furniture.  American Woodcrafters offers youth furniture that are retreats for both boys and girls.  From bunk beds to functional storage options, desks, vanities and more there is something sure to capture your child’s imagination, whether it is a specific theme or just a color scheme.

Bedroom furniture for your Superman

Either way, don’t feel you have to create something elaborate.  Generally speaking the pictures you see in books and magazines are for “company-best” settings.  In everyday life you need to manage your child’s toys, books, homework projects and clothes that tend to take over every space possible. Even a minimally decorated room will look plenty busy most of the time, so keep it simple.

Stop by Model Furniture Gallery in Orange City, FL and talk to our expert Interior Decorators.  They can help you design the perfect bedroom for your child that will match your budget and offer the perfect functionality and style for your child’s everyday life.

Model Furniture Gallery carries a full line of child and youth furniture brands including: American Woodcrafters, Ashley, Coaster, Discovery World, Global, Harden, Legacy Classic and more.

How to get the right recliner that truly satisfies your need to relax!


Relaxing recliners for your home!

Today recliners are available in many shapes and sizes.  In sofas and in chairs.  And recliners also come with many feature options such as heat and massage.  So how do you find the perfect fit for your relaxing enjoyment?  The easiest answer is to go to a retailer that carries a wide variety of recliners and has a knowledgeable staff to assist you in selecting the best options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Model Furniture Gallery showcases the Catnapper/Jackson brand for their quality and comfort. For over 75 years they have been manufacturing quality home furnishings in their state of the art factories.

We believe that Every Body should have a comfortable seating experience. When it comes to recliners, Catnapper/Jackson offers something for everyone.  Heat and Massage recliners. Power Lift and Power Reclining. Recliners that Swivel and Rock.  Leather touch recliners.  Full sectional sofas with multiple recliners.  Sofa and loveseat sets with power recliners.  And of course there are many choices in style, color and fabric.  Model Furniture Gallery offers the complete line of Catnapper/Jackson recliners and knowledgeable staff to assist you in making the selection that is perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

Massage and Heat Recliners from Catnapper
Massage and Heat Recliners

Power Lift Recliners by Catnapper
Power Lift Recliners

Rocker and Swivel Recliners by Catnapper
Rocker and Swivel Recliners


Leather has long been considered a classy and exquisite choice for furniture.  Leather furniture outlast  other fabrics  in  so  many  ways.  To  pick  the  right  leather furniture for your home or office it is important to have an understanding of the different types of leather.

Leather is made from many different sources including cattle, sheep, pigs, and even stingrays and ostriches.  It is processed to create four basic types of leather: aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented or protected leather and durablend leather. Let’s take a moment to explore each of these types of leather.

Aniline Leather

This type of leather is the most natural looking leather that retains the distinct surface characteristics. Aniline leather is dyed through a process that involves immersion in a dye bath.  The surface is not coated with any polymers or pigments. The advantages of using Aniline leather are its comfortable feel and the ability to retain the unique markings and features of the hide.  As a result, each piece made of Aniline leather is different.  Aniline leather, however, is unprotected thus can be stained easily.  It is not a good choice for young families or in very high traffic areas.

Semianiline Leather

If you’re looking for harder textured leather then semi-aniline leather is the good choice for you.  The difference between Aniline leather and Semi-aniline leather is that the latter has light coat treatment, which makes it more stain-resistant and soil-resistant.  The limitation of this leather is being less unique given that it does not hold apparent markings.

Pigmented or Protected Leather

It is the widely used leather for furniture and car upholstery.  Unlike Aniline leather, this type of leather has a polymer surface coating with pigments.  Pigmented leather is fairly easy to maintain and can hold against various conditions and uses.  Protected leather is not a good choice if you want natural looking leather.

DuraBlend Leather

This is leather scraps that are melted down and made into strips.  It is as strong as leather, easy to clean like leather, and breathable.  It has the same warranty as leather, it is just a less expensive way to make it.  It keeps the cost down while providing the customer with a great leather product.

If you are considering a furniture purchase, and are looking at leather as an option, talk to a professional about the various options. If you are in the Central Florida area you can stop by Model Furniture Gallery and talk to Julie Baker, an award-winning Interior Decorator.  She is always happy to assist with any of your Interior Decorating or Furniture questions.

It is never a good feeling to feel confined in small space.  With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of resourcefulness, you can instantly make your apartment or space look and feel bigger with clever tricks to fool the eye.


Choose light colors to make the space look brighter and bigger.  Lighter colored walls reflect light, making the space open and airy. Natural light also helps maximize the illusion. Aim for lighter colors than your walls for wall trim and moldings.  Light molding helps make walls appear further back thus changing your room into appearing bigger.

Furniture Choices

Small spaces require multi function furniture such as sofa beds, coffee table, chest with drawers, and even beds with built in drawers. You can also use extendable dining table, folding chairs, folding tables, which can be tucked away when not in use. Consider buying furniture with the same or similar color as your walls as these pieces can blend in the room to help widen out the room.  Add some accent or design onto the furniture as an added detail.  Don’t place furniture and accessories near the walkway.  Move them away from walkways to open up the space and making it appear larger.


Allow ample natural light to flow into the room.  It makes a big difference on how your apartment would look like.  If you lack natural light at your location, place lighting features to your room.  Such small addition can help give your apartment a bigger look.


Finally, here’s one tip that will not cost you anything.  By keeping your room organized and orderly, your room will look bigger.  A small space can look more cramped with so much stuff.

When it comes time to replace your sofa or fabric furniture, selecting the fabric can be challenging.  Microfiber fabric has become very popular because it is a stain resistant alternative to leather.  This micro-woven fabric is made of 100 Percent polyester Bella microfibers that are so closely woven that water repels right off.  Microfiber also wears very well and won’t unravel like most other fabrics.  Most microfiber fabrics have a distinctive soft suede-like feel and typically have come in a variety of solid colors.  Now we are starting to see microfibers that are coming out in a simulated leather look and now even some beautiful prints!  In some cases people have strong preferences on leather vs. fabric furniture, while others have a difficult time deciding.
The truth is the best choice really comes down to your family lifestyle, the location of the furniture and, in some cases, the need to match to an existing color scheme.  So let’s talk briefly about each of these three considerations:
  1. Family Lifestyle
    If your home includes children or pets then your furniture will need to withstand more scratches, spills and odors.  Leather has long been considered a symbol of elegance and luxury; however advances in the manufacturing of leather have made it more affordable.  On the other hand some feel that a microfiber fabric offer a greater degree of durability and comfort. Leather sofas are less likely to absorb odors, typically associated with smoking or pets.  Leather is also well suited for families who suffer from allergies because common irritants such as dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric and can be quickly wiped away.
  2. Furniture Location
    Large windows and other direct heat sources should be a consideration when selecting furniture fabrics.  Direct heat can cause Leather to dry out and crack.  Large windows are an inlet for natural lighting but sunlight is the leading cause for fading in home furnishes and sofas.
  3. Color Scheme
    Last, but certainly not least, sometimes aesthetics can be a consideration if you need to match an existing color scheme or décor. Leather furniture is available in limited colors, especially as compared to their micro-fiber fabric furniture counterparts and the complicated color processing of some leather colors make it more prone to color fading if placed in direct sunlight.

In conclusion it is best to take into consideration your family lifestyle, furniture location and color schemes when making the decision between a fabric or leather sofa set. Leather has long been a symbol of elegance and quality when it comes to furniture.  Leather can also be a great choice for a person who suffer from allergies and is less likely to absorb common household odors.  Stain resistant micro-fiber fabric furniture is becoming more common and popular, and available in a wide variant of colors including many new choices in textures and prints.  Fabrics also tend to fair slightly better from the affects of sunlight and their ability to withstand scratches.

There are a number of important details that should be taken into consideration when selecting new furnishings for your home or office.  The experts at Model Furniture Gallery are always happy to help you assess some of these details and are able to provide fine furniture solutions from some of the biggest brand names in the industry at everyday warehouse pricing.  Our staff includes experienced Interior Decorators who can help you find the perfect piece or the entire room.


Sofa Options

When are you are considering a new couch or sofa it’s important not to settle. Your sofa will be one of the most-highly used pieces of furniture in your home, so you want to make sure that it not only provides an exceptionally comfortable experience, but that it is able to hold up to your day to day use. Before you hand over your hard-earned cash, take a moment to consider the size, material, style and price of the sofa of your dreams.

Proper Sofa Size!

Make sure your new sofa fits the size and shape of the room. A quick look around will tell you a lot about what size couch would fit best.

You don’t want to clutter a small living room, with a huge sofa that leaves no room for anything else. If you have narrow hallways or staircases, plan carefully so you are not moving a over sized sofa bed up to the living room.  Smaller rooms are a natural setting for club chairs, recliners, and loveseats while standard or sectional sofas are great for larger rooms that have room to seat an extra person. Sectional sofas can be easily set up in a number of various ways around a room.

Sofa Material and Style

Your sofa style will be influenced by the existing décor of the room. A modern or contemporary sofa could suit a room dominated by simple and clean design – smooth and straight lines, leather or upholstery, metal legs, solid colors etc. A black leather couch is a great match for modern and contemporary designs. Microfiber and fabric fit better in traditional rooms.

Living Rooms by Stanley

Sofas for prolonged lounging and relaxing often feature more plush pillows and cushions, a wide frame and ample armrest cushioning. Sofas designed as décor accents usually feature narrower width, shallow seating area, longer and more exposed legs, minimal cushioning and tighter upholstery. A great example of a lounging sofa that is ideal for home theater living rooms is reclining sectional sofas

Who will predominantly be using the sofa is a strong consideration of material. If you have children, materials that are more stain resistant or easier to clean are recommended. Loosely woven fabrics are more susceptible to snags and tears while tightly woven fabrics tend to last longer. If you family members are tall, a sofa with a wider seat might be more comfortable for them vs a sofa with a short or narrow seat.

Sofa Price

Penny pinching is not the place to be when considering sofas. You want to find a quality, durable couch that can withstand day to day usage without breaking the bank., At Model Furniture Gallery we carry high-quality, discount sofas from trusted brand name manufacturers so you’ll find Sofas, Sectionals and Recliners that’s right for you.

With this valuable information, you’ll be able to find a sofa that fits your style and budget with minimal stress.

Starting from scratch to refurnish your home can seem to just too much to handle. Matching and mixing furniture to create awesome style and theme can be a little confusing for you. With some simple rules to follow you don’t have to be an Interior Decorator to create a stylized and gorgeous room.  That is where Sofa Sets come into play as the core furniture you will need for a fully furnished living room.

What is a Sofa Set?

To be brief a sofa set quite often is a two to three piece furniture set that generally contains an ottoman and a loveseat.  Other optional pieces might include sectionals, recliners and club chairs. For example, a 3 piece sofa set might be a recliner and ottoman and a sofa while another example could include a sectional, a loveseat and ottoman.

Why A Sofa Set?

Your purpose in designing a sofa set is to create a collection of furniture that compliments each other and the room. The premise of the Sofa Set is to find pieces of furniture that work together and make your decorating much easier. For those out there that don’t have the time or want to create a completely unique living room and would rather have a distinctive, coordinated look Sofa Sets is your solution.

Sofa Style

Think about the tone or overall style you are going for when selecting your sofa set. If you want a more traditional look you may want  something with warm and natural woods and fabric sofas with distinctive patterns.  Catnapper Jackson carries a nice line up of traditional style sofa sets.

Contemporary sofas are upholstered with leather and typically have straight lings or geometric shapes with some curves to add personality.  Colors are usually neutral; expresso or black and chocolate are the common colors for contemporary furniture. Upholstered or Leather sofa sets are your best choice when looking for contemporary collection.  You will fine a nice selection of Contemporary sofa sets from brand names carried at Model Furniture such as Ashley Furniture, Coaster, Catnapper Jackson and more.

The modern look is generally more minimalistic.  This gives it that very clean and sterile look that is the signature of  modern decor. Select furniture that is very smooth and sleek, metals should be made of chrome and lines should be simple with few colors.  If you like the modern look you’ll love the Global brand at Model Furniture.

No matter your choice, you will sure to find great value, selection and service at Model Furniture Gallery.

Modern Living Room Sets

Contemporary Sofas

Traditional Sofa Sets

Julie stays up with the latest fashions at annual furniture shows.

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