It is never a good feeling to feel confined in small space.  With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of resourcefulness, you can instantly make your apartment or space look and feel bigger with clever tricks to fool the eye.


Choose light colors to make the space look brighter and bigger.  Lighter colored walls reflect light, making the space open and airy. Natural light also helps maximize the illusion. Aim for lighter colors than your walls for wall trim and moldings.  Light molding helps make walls appear further back thus changing your room into appearing bigger.

Furniture Choices

Small spaces require multi function furniture such as sofa beds, coffee table, chest with drawers, and even beds with built in drawers. You can also use extendable dining table, folding chairs, folding tables, which can be tucked away when not in use. Consider buying furniture with the same or similar color as your walls as these pieces can blend in the room to help widen out the room.  Add some accent or design onto the furniture as an added detail.  Don’t place furniture and accessories near the walkway.  Move them away from walkways to open up the space and making it appear larger.


Allow ample natural light to flow into the room.  It makes a big difference on how your apartment would look like.  If you lack natural light at your location, place lighting features to your room.  Such small addition can help give your apartment a bigger look.


Finally, here’s one tip that will not cost you anything.  By keeping your room organized and orderly, your room will look bigger.  A small space can look more cramped with so much stuff.

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