When it comes time to replace your sofa or fabric furniture, selecting the fabric can be challenging.  Microfiber fabric has become very popular because it is a stain resistant alternative to leather.  This micro-woven fabric is made of 100 Percent polyester Bella microfibers that are so closely woven that water repels right off.  Microfiber also wears very well and won’t unravel like most other fabrics.  Most microfiber fabrics have a distinctive soft suede-like feel and typically have come in a variety of solid colors.  Now we are starting to see microfibers that are coming out in a simulated leather look and now even some beautiful prints!  In some cases people have strong preferences on leather vs. fabric furniture, while others have a difficult time deciding.
The truth is the best choice really comes down to your family lifestyle, the location of the furniture and, in some cases, the need to match to an existing color scheme.  So let’s talk briefly about each of these three considerations:
  1. Family Lifestyle
    If your home includes children or pets then your furniture will need to withstand more scratches, spills and odors.  Leather has long been considered a symbol of elegance and luxury; however advances in the manufacturing of leather have made it more affordable.  On the other hand some feel that a microfiber fabric offer a greater degree of durability and comfort. Leather sofas are less likely to absorb odors, typically associated with smoking or pets.  Leather is also well suited for families who suffer from allergies because common irritants such as dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric and can be quickly wiped away.
  2. Furniture Location
    Large windows and other direct heat sources should be a consideration when selecting furniture fabrics.  Direct heat can cause Leather to dry out and crack.  Large windows are an inlet for natural lighting but sunlight is the leading cause for fading in home furnishes and sofas.
  3. Color Scheme
    Last, but certainly not least, sometimes aesthetics can be a consideration if you need to match an existing color scheme or décor. Leather furniture is available in limited colors, especially as compared to their micro-fiber fabric furniture counterparts and the complicated color processing of some leather colors make it more prone to color fading if placed in direct sunlight.

In conclusion it is best to take into consideration your family lifestyle, furniture location and color schemes when making the decision between a fabric or leather sofa set. Leather has long been a symbol of elegance and quality when it comes to furniture.  Leather can also be a great choice for a person who suffer from allergies and is less likely to absorb common household odors.  Stain resistant micro-fiber fabric furniture is becoming more common and popular, and available in a wide variant of colors including many new choices in textures and prints.  Fabrics also tend to fair slightly better from the affects of sunlight and their ability to withstand scratches.

There are a number of important details that should be taken into consideration when selecting new furnishings for your home or office.  The experts at Model Furniture Gallery are always happy to help you assess some of these details and are able to provide fine furniture solutions from some of the biggest brand names in the industry at everyday warehouse pricing.  Our staff includes experienced Interior Decorators who can help you find the perfect piece or the entire room.


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