Leather has long been considered a classy and exquisite choice for furniture.  Leather furniture outlast  other fabrics  in  so  many  ways.  To  pick  the  right  leather furniture for your home or office it is important to have an understanding of the different types of leather.

Leather is made from many different sources including cattle, sheep, pigs, and even stingrays and ostriches.  It is processed to create four basic types of leather: aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented or protected leather and durablend leather. Let’s take a moment to explore each of these types of leather.

Aniline Leather

This type of leather is the most natural looking leather that retains the distinct surface characteristics. Aniline leather is dyed through a process that involves immersion in a dye bath.  The surface is not coated with any polymers or pigments. The advantages of using Aniline leather are its comfortable feel and the ability to retain the unique markings and features of the hide.  As a result, each piece made of Aniline leather is different.  Aniline leather, however, is unprotected thus can be stained easily.  It is not a good choice for young families or in very high traffic areas.

Semianiline Leather

If you’re looking for harder textured leather then semi-aniline leather is the good choice for you.  The difference between Aniline leather and Semi-aniline leather is that the latter has light coat treatment, which makes it more stain-resistant and soil-resistant.  The limitation of this leather is being less unique given that it does not hold apparent markings.

Pigmented or Protected Leather

It is the widely used leather for furniture and car upholstery.  Unlike Aniline leather, this type of leather has a polymer surface coating with pigments.  Pigmented leather is fairly easy to maintain and can hold against various conditions and uses.  Protected leather is not a good choice if you want natural looking leather.

DuraBlend Leather

This is leather scraps that are melted down and made into strips.  It is as strong as leather, easy to clean like leather, and breathable.  It has the same warranty as leather, it is just a less expensive way to make it.  It keeps the cost down while providing the customer with a great leather product.

If you are considering a furniture purchase, and are looking at leather as an option, talk to a professional about the various options. If you are in the Central Florida area you can stop by Model Furniture Gallery and talk to Julie Baker, an award-winning Interior Decorator.  She is always happy to assist with any of your Interior Decorating or Furniture questions.

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