Starting from scratch to refurnish your home can seem to just too much to handle. Matching and mixing furniture to create awesome style and theme can be a little confusing for you. With some simple rules to follow you don’t have to be an Interior Decorator to create a stylized and gorgeous room.  That is where Sofa Sets come into play as the core furniture you will need for a fully furnished living room.

What is a Sofa Set?

To be brief a sofa set quite often is a two to three piece furniture set that generally contains an ottoman and a loveseat.  Other optional pieces might include sectionals, recliners and club chairs. For example, a 3 piece sofa set might be a recliner and ottoman and a sofa while another example could include a sectional, a loveseat and ottoman.

Why A Sofa Set?

Your purpose in designing a sofa set is to create a collection of furniture that compliments each other and the room. The premise of the Sofa Set is to find pieces of furniture that work together and make your decorating much easier. For those out there that don’t have the time or want to create a completely unique living room and would rather have a distinctive, coordinated look Sofa Sets is your solution.

Sofa Style

Think about the tone or overall style you are going for when selecting your sofa set. If you want a more traditional look you may want  something with warm and natural woods and fabric sofas with distinctive patterns.  Catnapper Jackson carries a nice line up of traditional style sofa sets.

Contemporary sofas are upholstered with leather and typically have straight lings or geometric shapes with some curves to add personality.  Colors are usually neutral; expresso or black and chocolate are the common colors for contemporary furniture. Upholstered or Leather sofa sets are your best choice when looking for contemporary collection.  You will fine a nice selection of Contemporary sofa sets from brand names carried at Model Furniture such as Ashley Furniture, Coaster, Catnapper Jackson and more.

The modern look is generally more minimalistic.  This gives it that very clean and sterile look that is the signature of  modern decor. Select furniture that is very smooth and sleek, metals should be made of chrome and lines should be simple with few colors.  If you like the modern look you’ll love the Global brand at Model Furniture.

No matter your choice, you will sure to find great value, selection and service at Model Furniture Gallery.

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